About the Crew




Go shawty its ya birthday...you know the rest of the words. I'm probably the coolest person you'll ever meet and don't forget it. As posted in my IG bio @TheOnlyKyy, I'm Cali bred, Indy raised, and Charlotte made. I'm back living in the Midwest working a 9-5 to stay alive, while entertaining the world through my often unfiltered comments. Don't let the light skin fool you, I'm an OG in these streets. Nah, but really, I'm probably one of the funniest people you will ever meet but resting bitch face is a real thing. Pop Culture and music are HUGE in my life and i'll make sure to keep you updated better than Wendy Williams ever could.   



Sassy, Classy, and little bit a ratchet sums up this naturalista. Born and raised in Louisville, KY Janessa utilizes education to help the masses. She has many passions but her main focus is providing financial wellness education to communities that need it the most. Through her business and higher education background, Janessa has been able to provide this education utilizing multiple mediums. Social media, conferences, and her own-nonprofit just to name a few. Along with teaching financial wellness, Janessa loves to have in-depth discussions that cause individuals to think critically and uniquely. There will be a lot of opportunities for listeners to participate in these conversations through her “Think About It” segments. When Janessa isn’t teaching, or causing people to have deep discussions, you will find her listening to a wide range of music, exploring new artwork, attending plays, visiting museums, and trying to explore the wide world of art and culture throughout the world.  



  Im Koknosh. Not to be pronounced Cock-nosh. Born and raised on the far eastside of Naptown. Im different like my name. Talking sports and culture is the game. I have an uncanny ability to not give a fuck. I stay cool, calm, and collected while oozing awesomeness. I consider myself a student of life. I love to learn and gain new perspectives in this age of information. I’m just hear to capture your hearts and minds with random views and entertaining content.